• Maraguas's crater

    The tour starts at 08:30 (a.m.) in the Bolivian Full Xplorer Office where you will board the 4x4 until arriving at Chataquila, which is located in the “Cordillera de los Frailes” Friar mountain range at 3650 meters over the sea level
    The trip by car takes 1 hour and a half, by a dust road with a very good panorama.
    CHATAQUILA is a church built in the highest part of the “Cordillera de los Frailes” Friar Mountain range. It has 50 years old. The People usually visit this place because of the image of the Virgin of Chataquila that is made of stone; the people believe she is sacred
    Once we have visited Chataquila, we are going to hike 100 meters until the entrance of the Camino Del Inca (Pre-Hispanic Way), which is 6 km. downhill in which we can appreciate the construction of this road that is an almost perfect cobblestone.
    We are going to see some medicinal plants that even the local people use even now,
    When we are finishing all the way, the car will wait for to drive us to the crater of Maragua.
    In Maragua, we are going to see the Jalq'a Culture and see their very well known textiles. You are going to visit the cave of the devil, which is a rock formation; it looks like a mouth with many teeth.
    Finally, we turn to Sucre by car, which takes 2 hours by car.
    It includes:
    Bilingual specialized guide
    Box Lunch (Sandwich, yogurt or natural juice, a chocolate bar, cookies, some fruit and water bottle)

    full day
    80 USD






    Required equipment

    Sunblock, sunglasses, backpack and eager to have fun


    Recorrido Maraguas's crater


    Galeria de imagenes Maraguas's craterGaleria de imagenes Maraguas's craterGaleria de imagenes Maraguas's craterGaleria de imagenes Maraguas's crater